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Please help us defend your constitutional rights by investing in the Center4LegalReform. Every contribution, whether $25 or $5,000 is tax-deductible and helps build the movement.

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"This is an outstanding organization. They are doing an absolute unbelievable job in bring guilty federal agencies to account for their illegal activity . They need every dollar that comes their way. There is no better place to donate dollars." -- DrK

"This organization has more than fulfilled it's pledge to help the impoverished citizens in understanding and defending their civil rights. Without protection of our personal freedoms we do not have a true democracy. This organization fulfills the true definition of what an American Patriot is and should be. I urge you to help preserve our freedoms for those who are not blessed with the financial resources to exercise their civil rights by both supporting this organization financially and as a volunteer." --LL

The principal goal of the Center for Legal Reform is to be a publicly recognized educational organization known for raising public awareness of specific instances of governmental corruption and/or civil rights violations for those who are otherwise precluded by the economic realities of the legal system from equal protection of the law. Such groups sadly include the elderly who are all too often victims of a government out of control and a elder care system driven by profit where individuals become trapped by public corruption in league with private care facilities and insurance companies. This is accomplished through unbiased documentation and evaluation of specific instances of identified and alleged civil rights violations and/or corruption related activities within governmental entities in the United States.

Senior self assistance education program.